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7/28/06 - APT, Inc.  offers only the highest quality standards and customer services possible to maintain our companyís valued reputation. It has been a very promising future for APT since the forming of this company in May of 2004. At APT we are always seeking change for the better, which will always make APT a step ahead of the competition. APT has recently parted ways with an affiliated service provider that offered Teledata and Networking installation, who we have found to lack the quality standards and our most devoted customer service requirements. For more information on our other Teledata/Networking service providers please call (925) 254-0819 or E-mail us from this link: contact us

1/3/06 - Happy New Year and may this Year bring everyone great Fortune and Prosperity!!! At Advantage Point Technologies we are offering a 10% discount to all new customer accounts on their first bill to bring in this New Year to show our appreciation for giving us the opportunity to serve your business. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like to learn more about what we have to offer. 

6/21/05 - Since APT, Inc. was formed in May of 2004, there has been a lot of progress in the way we conduct our business. Our company values the trust we are given by our customers and from day one to this day the only way to prove our mission is to be unique, genuine and honest to everyone.

2/18/05 - Advantage Point Technologies promotes sales of Technology Hardware, Software and/or peripherals with great savings to Businesses thru our affiliates program at the Dell Business Deals web site. For great deals on personal purchases, please call or contact us directly by E-mail to get more information.

As of August 2005 Advantage Point Technologies has merged with a reputable service partner Laser Ní Beyond to enhance our services to provide your Company.

Laser Ní Beyond is a premier supplier of Local and Network printers and products, as well as repair/services securing simple solutions for businesses, government agencies, educational institutions, and onsite at the client location. Since 1992, their core focus has always been to serve the customer and give them the best and most cost effective priced products and superior services found anywhere in the Nation. At Veratech, the bottom line isn't about dollars and cents. It's about the people they do business with...their customers, co-workers and community.


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