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Advantage Point Technologies Inc. has been providing quality Technical Support Services since our founding in 2004 and now stepping it up to the next level by providing a “one-stop-shop” solution for all of your business related needs. It is our mission to provide your business with a work force that is committed to implementing everything you need whether your business needs to relocate to a new facility or in need of upgrading the existing facility with a new network installation to the design of your new office layout. Advantage Point guarantees that your business or personal needs are fully operational and make your transition effortless. Furthermore, with the resources we utilize, you can rest assure that the superior services we provide stays consistent with the quality of our workmanship. Advantage Point is the ultimate Project Management service provider that will save you time and unnecessary expenses. 

Company Owners/Founders/Management

Del Chinn - President & CEO, has served Advantage Point Technologies Inc. since May of 2004.

Lawrence Law - Vice-President, has served Advantage Point Technologies Inc. since May of 2004.


Laser N’ Beyond Services:

We are an authorized and certified reseller and service provider for HP, Lexmark, Samsung, NEC, and more. We offer full services from:

    • Laser Printer, Plotter, Fax, Copier, and Color printer repair
    • Network Consulting, Cabling
    • PC Repair & Upgrades, Laptops (Windows or MAC)
    • Technical Support Services

At Laser N’ Beyond our technicians have over 10 year’s technician experience in laser printers and computers. Our technicians are HP, Lexmark, Xerox, IBM, Minolta, Samsung, NEC, Ricoh, and Canon Certified on all printer models including laser, color laser, plotter, and design jets. We constantly update skills of technicians for new printers by providing training and testing by our vendor partners.

We can virtually repair all makes and models of printers due to the thorough training of the basic concept and operation of a printer. Our technicians are not trained to just replace parts but to troubleshoot the machine thoroughly and to avoid unnecessary parts replacement resulting in saving a lot of money. Every repair includes a thorough cleaning and maintenance.

Our company has been able to meet our client’s growing demands. We have qualified staff capable of adding and training new employees efficiently and quickly as our clients demand it. Our clients are all treated on a personal level to understand their specific needs. We use only brand new parts at the lowest prices, which eliminates high recall rate on repairs.

Laser N' Beyond

150 Sickles Ave, SF, CA, 94112

T: (415) 452-8240 / 8380

F: (415) 452-8398


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